Föreningen  Lalandersläkten

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       ( The valley of Are / Aredalen )

The Lalander Family

Lorraine Cornell:s report on the visit to Sweden

On June 4th, 1969, the Cornell Family (Albert, Karin, Stig, Lorraine, Stig Jr, Karin, and Doris) sailed from New York on the Gripsholm to attend the Lalandersläkten Meeting in Åre. We did much sight-seeing and viewed the Wasa Ship's hull being sprayed with preservative. We talked about our trip many times over the years and this summer we went to the meeting again as a family. Again we visited the Wasa Ship, but this time, she was as beautiful as the day she was launched. Jan-Erik Lalander guided us around Stockholm and Sven Lalander and his daughter, Anita gave, all eleven of us, a warm welcome with a picnic supper. Especially enjoyed by Christopher and Sofia (4 and 3 years old). They had a grand time running and visiting the berry patch for picking and eating. 
In Uppsala, Åsa and Solveig Felton took us to the Royal Mounds at Old Uppsala, after we toured the cathedral. As we travelled North to the meeting we stopped on the island of Sollerön in Dalecarlia. We walked around the Viking Grave Fields on a lovely sunny day. In Östersund, on a damp day I went to Jamtli and had a most enjoyable time seeing how people lived 100 or more years ago. That afternoon at the Family meeting I learned about the reasons for the emigration from Western Jämtland in a lecture by the County Archivist Kjell Hoffman. At the dinner for the relatives that night, we were seated at different tables and had an opportunity to see and get to know other members of our family. 
On Sunday, our group enjoyed the hospitality of the Åke Kristiansson Family (Albert's nephew) at the Tottbo Restaurant in Åre. Before that we went with Elsie-Britt Torstensson to the Old Church and also toured the cemetery to view the headstones. 
Back in Stockholm before our flight home, Doris, George, Stig and Nancy revisited "Gamla Stan" for the day and saw many more interesting things.